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I heaved up it on hands and pinned to itself. It a bit resisted, but soon snuggled up to me. There were a few scratches on its face. Wrapping up it in the towel found in a escorts in Ukraine bathroom I took it to itself in a number and caused a doctor. Then again went back into their number and made an effort collect all womanish things, what able to find. Leaving I noticed that the husband of Maria already had begun to move. Well well, I debauch, but not killer. From the number I called on retsepshn and described a situation. It was promised me to cause a police. Soon a doctor came and engaged in examination of escorts in Ukraine Maria, and I went to explain? .  Maria already fully came to oneself and sat on a bed, wrapped up in my dressing-gown, and attentively looked at me. I sat down on the edge of bed.   - That to do me? - it asked quietly, - I pranged the life. you pranged my marriage. A husband me will never forgive.   it is Your husband often you did beat? - I asked.   - Happened.   - As now, did beat and forced?   It nodded silently.   it is my Poor escorts in Ukraine girl, - did I hug it, it answered on my cuddles and stretched to me, - you love him?   - He is my husband, - it answered.   I read everything in its vglyade. It is possible to write novel from these eyes. As though it told to me history of the domestic life day after a day. Certainly it made a match on love. Such women do not can differently. And then he began  it. It stood. He was able fully to knock out the fists from it love to itself and it remained with him only because it is so necessary. Poor girl, you so can live with him right through life so not deciding to leave? Brings to you only sufferings. But now something was broken partly probably. you decided on treason. you no longer want to be his toy. You did not even ask as he feels after a blow a chair. And you sit here with me, but not try to smuggle out of the  husband from a police. In your heart already there is not a place for him.  I pinned it to itself. The warmth of its body was passed to me and I felt the wave of deep tenderness to this wonderful woman. I snuggled up lips in its neck and whispered: “Nothing be afraid of”. In reply it yet stronger snuggled up to me.  After ten minutes escorts in Ukraine fallen already, exhausted by stress and pain. Or this medicine simply acted. I covered it a blanket and went out from a number.  It is necessary it was yet to decide a question with a husband which was driven away by a police. Though he and podonok, but I decided not to abandon it one in a stranger country.  He sat on a bench after the latticed enclosure and produced the extremely pitiful impression, but no pity to him I did not test. Our looks met to the second. I am a submindал, ?    saw escorts in Ukraine before and who did not know I such.

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