High class Kiev escort female

High class Kiev escort female18. If you have made a mistake that you do?
I Try to correct it at once.
I Will consider, in what the miscalculation, or me will tell about it the husband (Kiev escort lady), and I try to correct all.
Usually I do not make errors, and reproaches of the husband (Kiev escort lady) is only cavils.
19. Whether there are at you monetary disagreements?
Seldom, but happen.
Earlier were constantly, and now everyone spends the money.
20. Whether you consider, what that “head of the Kiev escort company» who earns more?
Now such times that some Kiev escort girls earn more, but from it the concept “head of the escorts company» has not changed.
No, the head of the Kiev escort company — a priori the husband.
21. Whether has each of you the leisure?
At us the general hobbies.
Yes, we prefer to have a rest how it is pleasant to each of us.
We do not have time for hobbies.
22. Whether you consult with each other even if you have obviously made any decision?
Sometimes, to meet with approval.
What for? If the decision is already accepted, it needs to be executed, instead of to discuss.
23. Whether you are assured, what your half is satisfied by your sexual life?
I Believe that with it at all of us is perfectly in order.
I execute The conjugal duty.
24. Whether you changed to the spouse (spouse)?No.
Some times happened.
And as!
25. Whether you consider, what the husband should give to Kiev escort lady flowers not only for March, 8th and birthday?
Not only I consider, but also regularly I give (I receive from the husband), even for no reason at all.
As a whole I pro.
What for to be spent for nonsense! All the same in couple of days flowers will wither. If to give, something useful, long-term that it was remembered.
26. Whether you hasten home after work?
Certainly, I would like to see the husband (Kiev escort lady) somewhat quicker.
It depends, all depends on mood.
What for to hasten? It will be was in time.

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