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We lay hugging in a jacuzzi. It stroked my shoulder, I simply hugged it. It began to cry suddenly…

-Ty…, - did its voice tremble, - you consider me?
I silently began to kiss it. It stepped aside and even moved aside from me. It already roared after a second, closing a person hands. And removed from any my attempts to hug it. Such woman I did not yet have. At the same time indulge in debauchery and be excessively modest. Jumped in my cuddles, then feels shy something. I was in easy bewilderment. Experience in Kiev escort sex for it little. I would say - very little. It is felt. And now, changing to the husband it sobs not allowing to approach me to itself. It got up. I enjoyed the type of its unearthly figure again. Its raised breast again beckoned to itself. It took a step from a jacuzzi, took the swimming suit and quickly dressed it.
- I will go - it said through tears.
- Stand. Where will you go in such state? - stopped it I.
It was stopped at indecision.
it is Victor, - I said and stretched comical slight bowl.
It again on me and its eyes on a second were lighted up by a smile.
- Maria, - it answered, pressed to me a hand and moved toward a door. I understood that not able to stop it. It turned the key, opened a door and hid after it.
I am a not amateur to climb in the stranger soul. Kiev escort women it is sometimes opened me to me it. Tell about the problems, complain, brag. But it does not give pleasure to me. Rather vice versa, I feel in such moments very uncomfortably. But here that is created in the soul for my new familiar I wanted to know. I wanted to know about it all. It was a riddle for me. I so did not understand as this delightful flower appeared in my hands and why he so quickly. In this day I no longer saw Kiev escort. The next day I saw its silhouette of vcherom, when headed for a supper in a restaurant, through the unclosed door of bar, where it sat after barnoy a bar with the husband. I stopped on a second and resolutely took a step aside. As well as in many large hotels, barnaya a bar was in form letter of P, outside which stools bedded from.

I sat down so that Maria with a husband appeared opposite me and separated us only prostransvo for other side of barnoy of bar and scampering about here and there barmen. Maria with a husband about something with conversed great animation. It at once noticed me and looked interrogatively and even a bit evil. I took a look, prigubil the wine put by a barman and began secretly to look over her husband. Approximately my person of the same age. That about 30. Already so much drunk. Certainly about no Kiev escort sex with a wife today speeches and can not be. Maria again moved to the husband and again began something to whisper to him on an ear.

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