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Gallery with Ukrainian escort agency girl Around thereKiev escorts are palm trees under the sun, the sky is visible. You go to these falls and plunge into it. In the beginning you feel satisfaction which is felt by the Ukrainian escort girl when enters excited in water, then you start to feel, how your blood is poured. Light and warm positive energy. It enters into you radiant energy of the sun, you absorb it and feel, how this elixir of youth fills your body and feeds with its force and health…»

Stop, now we will remember the purpose of the given book. It how you to learn to get acquainted with Ukrainian escort women. Therefore we will return to our main theme. What dispersed condition is better for using during dialogue with the Ukrainian escort woman. Well, if the monster jumps out of you with claws directly on it, it will simply escape. During dialogue with the woman your mentality is dispersed. Present, as you are engaged with it in sex. As it is exhausted in embraces from pleasure. As she strongly wants you and as you it take. Has presented? Now in a head music — present, as you dance together. And having united all these sensations, do gestures and advancements from sex and dance.

It on a dancing makes sharp beautiful movements, both of you revel in dance, it opens wide you. Sex in the hall centre, on a scene also begins, all see it, at you the roof has moved down. You are a madman, you break from it clothes, start to kiss passionately. Also you take it. Now we calm down. read more →

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Beautiful Ukraine escorts agency female Why during training we in a fantastic way get acquainted and we tempt Ukraine escorts girls, there is a sensation that we can all!!! And in the morning any horror. Since morning even to approach difficult». I have thought of this question. In the morning they from a dream condition pass in an intermediate condition of wakefulness and a trance. In this condition their organism is not capable to think and make quickly decisions, and they, as they said,«brake».

Since then I have entered technologies mentalities. When they have tried them in practice have come and have told to me that the theme has disappeared.«I am simply dispersed in the morning to the same by it I was last night if it is necessary for me. And the result same», — is told by one of Ukraine escorts participants. You are dispersed and go.

All are dispersed differently. Someone drinks coffee, someone takes a contrast shower, and someone uses the technicians offered by me; their productivity is high. So, some ways — braking Ways Shlahtera:«. Can present that round you roars and the flame storms. Brightly, be clear in the mind about this flame round you. read more →

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Busty Ukrainian escort agency girls Then he has drunk beer and has started to communicate with it. But it reacted very negatively. Why? If you are dispersed, try to come into contact to everything, using an automatism rule. Otherwise people will not perceive your dispersed condition for this and will catch you in a lie. It did not use this rule and consequently has turned sour.

And to communicate with the girl it became already in the Ukrainian escort friend, the braked condition, without having received a bonus. When the waitress has approached, it was again dispersed, the taken place dialogue with it. Then in it has turned to the girl. They have communicated, and the Ukrainian escort girl too was dispersed. From here do a conclusion: The dispersed condition is transferred g and m. If you wish to disperse mentality of interlocutors, start to disperse in dialogue the mentality».

Try to make it one of specified above ways (a monster present, either Zhirinovsky, or any dispersed condition). Establish communications in the dispersed condition and watch reaction and that occurs to other Ukrainian escort person, even more abruptly at you it will turn out to be dispersed, if you present that the person who sits next, — a monster! Or imagine, how at it the nose sharply starts to grow, and you catch at it. read more →

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Meet Kiev escorts models Imagine a door, because of which Sounds are distributed. You open it and see an awful monster. Terrible, with one hundred hands, one hundred feet. And suddenly behind there is even more terrible monster, at which two hundreds hands and two hundred feet. It suffices the first monster and starts it to bang.

The first monster — very strong, it escapes, but cannot. It publishes terrible sounds. And suddenly to them even more terrible monster with three hundreds hands and three hundreds feet behind creeps, it clasps two monsters and starts to bang them. First two escape, but can make nothing. And here behind you silently imperceptibly creep and suffice the third monster. So, we will describe obvious signs of the “dispersed” Kiev escorts person. When the dispersed person (we will look, for example, on Zhirinovsky speaks or the known orator), it actively gesticulates, moves all face muscles. The first — it is very mobile.
The second — it is very active and quickly speaks.
The third — it automatically answers any questions (an automatism rule). Sometimes he answers, without thinking At all, sometimes it on it catch. read more →

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Contact escort in Ukraine ladies Having read this chapter, you will understand, how it is possible to make so that the approach, is possible even initially languid and sour, but spontaneous, untwisted the escort in Ukraine woman on emotion, involved it in conversation, and then — in rough dialogue. There were at me cases when escort in Ukraine women were delighted in the beginning at all with me, but I untwisted them on a course, and in the end they were more than are happy with dialogue.

So the above mental activity of the person, the in a greater degree it can realise the potential possibilities, including muscular. The person is capable to involve the last in a usual condition only on 10-20 Percent, but on peak of mental activity — on much big size. On the other hand, if only and to do what to disperse the mentality eventually it is possible to get into a maniacal phase and to “earn” mental disease.» (Shlahter, «the escort in Ukraine person the Weapon»). The person has different mental conditions: a dream, a trance, wakefulness. Superwakefulness. Mentalities is a way from left to right.

Braking — from right to left. I often used mentalities. So far as concerns a high-speed seducing when you see the escort in Ukraine girl and it want to appear with it in bed in some hours, the dispersed mentality very much helps. Its basic characteristics: fast reaction, ingenuity, increases speed of thought, speed of speech, start to catch a lot of information from the outside, physical activity raises — the person becomes stronger and is more hardy. read more →