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Then it simply translated a look to me: - Why? Did you want to crack joke above me? Or… Why did you deceive me? it is looked at me with by a Ukraine sex kind and I noticed that in it something changed. - I wanted to check up hardness of your intentions, - I answered, - must say, I am impressed. - you checked up them, - it said exactly. Will Treat without, I do not want that my wife knew about it. I do not want its superfluous time to agitate. It quite surprised looked at me: - you forgive me after all that I… - does not forgive, - cut it short I, - in exchange you from my life and never even in Ukraine sex ideas will get around us. Continuing to look surprised, it walked up to me close. - Seems I understood why it loves you so, - it said and began to cry again. Deciding that that will do for today, I caused a taxi, to depart in a Ukraine sex clinic. For a helm in such state I did not decide to sit down. Ukraine sex Ann said something through tears to me after, but I did not listen it already. On my cock it was terrible to look. He presented from itself one large bruise. Doctor in a clinic even, when saw, but after an inspection quieted: - Looks awfully, but nothing serious. True, your wife will be some time not quite happy. I think a month will have to be suffered. - not worry, doctor, I however will be able to do the wife happy, - I parried his joke. We sat on a Ukraine sex sofa and drank fragrant tea, brewed by Maria. It petted my hairs and listened my confusing explanations about street hooligans, which attacked, gave a dusting, robbed. I was afraid that anything would give out me. But Maria simply looked at me with love and tenderness. It was not ashamed me for the lie. A true looked considerably worse. Simply I could not to it be acknowledged and tell what it was actually. There must not be a sadness in these enormous eyes. - Present, - Ukraine sex Maria said, when I finished, - and me today dirtily solicited at work. I already called to the chief and complained on workers which repaired something for us in the evening, when all went away already. They stuck to me, as to some slut. I simply jumped out of skin. Touching to its hairs, I smiled. - But in fact you, how is a good girl, said no them? - did I smile, - Or to walk up me to the mirror and enjoy the type of the horns? Ukraine sex Maria began to wave rugami began to me everything  is detailed, and I sat and smiled the best in the world Ukraine sex wife. are They were likable though? - I asked humorously. Although to me true it was interestingly that will say my wife about the exterior of professional striptizerov. It shrugged: - Well workers as workers. Did not memorize. Again glancing in its eyes I was dipped in the ocean of endless love. Certainly we will not exchange each other on anybody in this world. We both knew it.

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